November 2016 - Divination Competition

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November 2016 - Divination Competition

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:24 am

=== BS&T - Divination Competition/Event - November 2016 ===
== Friday 11th November @ Midday - Sunday 13th November @ Midday ==

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our XP Tracked Divination Clan Competition for October!

• RuneClan Divination Competition XP Tracker•
(Please Click ^ to get linked through to the XP Tracker)

This months Skilling Competition will be based on the overall exp gain you make
within the Divination Skill over the weekend, Participants will be participating FREE FOR ALL 
Participants which will be competitively training to rank in the Top 3!

All of the experience gained by everyone who signed up to participate in this event can be
tracked using our RuneClan Competition XP Tracker.

== Prizes ==
The Prizes for the Clan Competition will be shared evenly between Team members, as follows:
First Place - 3Million GP
Second Place - 2Million GP
Third Place - 1Million GP

Keep an eye on your Team Mates and spur on in the competitiveness of the game.

This is a Friendly Competition within the Clan, Please be respectful.

Thanks again Everyone, And Good Luck!


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