October 2016 - Halloween Zombie Apocalypse

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October 2016 - Halloween Zombie Apocalypse

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:14 am

== BS&T - Halloween Event - Zombie Apocalypse ==

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to BS&T's very first Halloween Event!

= How to Play =
Grab a Zombie Outfit from the Varrock Clothes Store (5k per set)
Head on over to the Centre of the Varrock Square!
One person will start as a Zombie
Everyone else runs and hides!
Once you get Traded by a Zombie, You become infected!
Put on your Zombie outfit and go hunt down the Humans!
Keep hunting the Humans until there is only 1 person left!
The last remaining person wins a Prize!!
Last person alive becomes the First Zombie for the next round!

= Rules =
You MUST stay within the walls of Varrock!
No Quest Areas
No Sewers
No Surge Skills (of any type)

Each Round the Winner will receive 5M!

Happy Halloween Hunting!


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